The Power of Our Commitment to Training and Development

Author: Carthage Management Group | | Categories: Advertising , Customer Acquisition , Leader Development , Recruitment Opportunities , Renewable Energy Marketing , Sales and Marketing Firm , Solution-Oriented , Telecommunications


We operate by a simple premise in the Carthage Management Group office: when our people thrive, our company succeeds. In other words, we believe that when we’ve given our team members every tool and resource they need to achieve their personal and professional potential, our firm will hit every goal we set for it. This is the idea behind our training program.

We don’t rely on any one learning strategy – instead, we take a number of approaches in order to cater to the diverse learning styles that make up our team. For instance, we pair new hires up with experienced team members from day one, so they have one-to-one guidance right from the start of their Carthage Management Group career journeys. We also provide workshops and seminars that give our team members hands-on, practical know how that they can put to use right away.

Then, we immerse associates in every area of our operations, which gives them a big-picture perspective on what we do and how we do it. Another advantage of rotating team members through each department is they get the chance to learn from other leaders and project managers, adding to the knowledge already gained.

All of this, plus travel to conferences, retreats, and regional training events too! It’s no wonder our company has a reputation for excellence in our field. Like Carthage Management Group on Facebook to find out more about how we prepare our people for success.