Deidre Is a Positive, Business-Minded Team Player

Author: Carthage Management Group | | Categories: Advertising , Customer Acquisition , Leader Development , Recruitment Opportunities , Renewable Energy Marketing , Sales and Marketing Firm , Solution-Oriented , Telecommunications


Recognition is a vital element of the Carthage Management Group culture, and this month we’d like to shine our company spotlight on Deidre, our HR assistant. According to Zack, our firm’s President, “Deidre brings a lot of positive energy to the team. She also has a business mind-set and joined the company with sales experience. She’s an all-around team player and, on top of everything else, is great at working with people as well.”

Team Carthage Management Group attracts driven and talented people like Deidre because we know how to help them develop. Our world-class training program ensures we have access to all the skills and knowledge needed for success in our field through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars. We also invest in travel that takes us to national leadership conferences, networking retreats, and other offices for cross-training.

Along with business 101 and job training, we teach the leadership traits that precede success in the future. For instance, we attach career paths to our entry-level roles so that team members always know what their next step is. Then, we rotate new team members through our company, so they understand how each department adds to the whole. These two steps help us take a big-picture view of our firm so that we know exactly what roles we want to occupy, and what we need to do to get there.

Thank you, Deidre, for bringing your A-game to the office with you every day. Like Carthage Management Group on Facebook to see who we put in the spotlight next.