About Carthage Management Group

Sales and Marketing Firm

At Carthage Management Group, we thrive off organic growth, and for this reason, we focus on the development of our team. In turn, it helps us maximize new customer acquisition for our clients.

By focusing on both the personal and professional development of each of our team members, we use sales, marketing, and advertising with Fortune 500 clients as our base, to develop a team that produces effective results. 

The outcome of our process is a group of highly motivated, solution-oriented individuals that utilize creativity and critical thinking skills that set our clients up for success. 

Part of this success is our ability to strengthen our relationships with our clients’ target consumers. Doing so not only expands their reach throughout diversified markets but also ensures that there’s growth for both our clients and us.

We Partner With A Leader In Telecom Services

Carthage Management Group has partnered with a leader in telecom services because of our shared commitment to professionalism, customer satisfaction, and excellence. As a solution-oriented sales and marketing firm, we sign our clients up for services provided by our partner, which includes fiber-optic solutions. Through this, we simplify the development of messages so that our clients recognize the benefits of advanced voice, TV, and internet services.

Carthage Welcomes Inspire!

We are bringing on Inspire as a new client as we enter into the Renewable Energy Industry.

We Find A Way Or We Make A Way!

As a solution-oriented sales and marketing firm, we always find a way to make things work, or we make a way to make it work. We’ve developed an agile outreach model that uses a variety of avenues to meet each region’s unique needs. Our integrity and our non-stop attitude has earned us several plaudits and led to us being selected to spread the word nationwide about today’s best telecom services.

The Core Values That Drive Us

    • Passion
    We inspire people to be innovative problem solvers and consistently find the right opportunities to advance companies into new markets. Looking for growth? Let Carthage Management Group’s strengths work for you.
    • Collective Genius

    Our forward-thinking executives lead the charge for Carthage Management Group’s customer acquisition campaigns. Need innovative solutions? Our talented people have a real zest for achieving results.

    • Innovation

    We stop at nothing to obtain our goals. See an immovable business obstacle? With inventive strategies, Carthage Management Group executives are unafraid to take the right risks to help you overcome the biggest challenges

    • Building Rapport

    We excel at creating lasting bonds. Need to connect with your target consumers? We know how to strike up key conversations that generate interest and position our messages in ways that develop loyal customer bases.